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 Past due accounts are much more expensive than your records will show.  The total loss and write-off of an account is magnified by the loss of sales – those with overdue accounts buy elsewhere.  Expect, and demand, that customers pay within terms, so you don’t lose sales.

Some executives fail to make effective use of collection procedures because they fear losing customers.  However, experience has proven that poor collection practices are more damaging to customer retention.  You will be amazed with the unprofitable investment tied up in Accounts Receivable.

For your cash needs, look to your delinquent accounts: to finance inventory, provide for expansion, and handle the ever-increasing cost of doing business.


Identifying accounts to be placed for collection should not be difficult.  Every company should have a firm credit policy, which acknowledges profitability, industry standards and competition.

Non-payment along with phone calls not returned, bad checks, excuses or lies are the obvious signs for immediate placement.  When the phone is disconnected and the mail returned, there is a 95% chance that your loss is complete.  You cannot afford to wait to seek professional help.

Review your account age trial balance sheet for the past year.  What has been your experience with over 90 days plus accounts?  How many have improved? Not many.  There is no mystery.  Overdue accounts require timely and professional action.

Look to Commercial Recovery as an extension of your Credit Department.  Our action is GUARANTEED TO BE TIMELY!



RECOVERY IS OUR MIDDLE NAME.  We are specialists in recovering your money.  Our services are effective because we employ every ethical method available to professional outside firms.

  • Nobody puts outside collectors on your debtors doorstep as we do.  It is the most effective procedure we have at our disposal.
  • We provide the most thorough, detailed research methods available to find information about the debtor that you may not have.  This information increases our chance of recovery.
  • When we report a debtor’s refusal to pay, it is not an excuse for lack of contact.
  • Our collection files are either open or closed (no suspended files.)
  • When necessary to file suit, we use able, experienced, and bonded collection attorneys.  (No in-house attorneys; only attorneys who deal specifically in collections.)
  • Non-contingent legal fees are the exception, not the rule.
  • We offer precollect demand service upon request.
  • We are licensed by the State of California, and bonded as required by law.