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Question: Not sure if Commercial Recovery can help you or what service to use?
Answer: Call (or email) our Customer Service Department and ask the specific question(s) that you are not sure about. We’ll clarify and explain every detail.

Question: How do I start using Commercial Recovery and what is its cost?
Answer: It will cost you nothing to start. We only charge when we collect the claim. So you have nothing to lose. Fill out the form and either email or fax the claim to our office and we are off and running, getting your money for you.

Question: What is your recovery rate?
Answer: We can state what it is for a specific client and how it improved from their previous method of collection, but each and every business handles things differently so it is difficult to give a definitive rate. Our recovery rates depend on the industry, the age accounts are placed and the balances assigned. Each plays a roll in collectability of an account. We can tell you from experience and analysis, our rates of recovery are greater than the industry average and much higher than what our clients were achieving before using Commercial Recovery.

Question: How do we know Commercial Recovery started collecting on our claim?
Answer: Right after we set up the claim in our system and we have contacted the debtor, our computer will send you (usually via facsimile) an acknowledgment confirming receipt. It also has our terms and conditions included.

Question: What reports does Commercial Recovery provide?
Answer: For each individual account we report any activity that happens as it happens (i.e, set up a pay plan, they filed bankruptcy, we received full payment, etc.). Also we provide periodic status report and collection analysis, as often as you need them.

Question: How does Commercial Recovery remit recoveries?
Answer: At the end of every month we will tabulate all recoveries within that month (making sure the collected funds have cleared) and send you a remittance check, less our fees, along with a detailed report of activity.

Question: Do you only collect on California claims?
Answer: No, we collect on claims nationwide.It does not matter where the debtor or your office is located. Call (or email) for details.

Question: When should I submit accounts to Commercial Recovery?
Answer: Assign claims as soon as the debtor ignores your attempts to collect or gives you one too many excuses. We recommend accounts 90 days past due be assigned. Regardless of their excuse for being not paying, remember you are not the only one calling for money. The creditor that has an agency strike first gets paid first.Once you submit them do not have any communication with them and always refer them to our office to resolve the matter.